Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey hey hey..
have not been updating really2 long..
anyways; got a new life..
New people..
same besties that will never change..
Love them really much..
AND alsooo..a new boyfie..
Yes yes I know..
I've been changing boyfies all the time..
Well I just hope that this one stays..
His name is Adi Nazreen Abdul Ghaffar..
He is 25 this year.
He's a freelance photographer and working fulltime at HP; Cyberjaya.
Fine fine fine enough about him...
Well, we got everything planned out and as we hope to go as planned.
Will update again soon..
See yah!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A night in melaka brings all the memories in UiTM with Nym..
the moments that will always be cherish..
the good the bad and the ugly time we had together..
I miss you babe..
I miss those times we had..
and that was like before you got married right..
I was at the spot that we took pictures..
the spot when we chilled till we were tired..
i had soo much fun you know..
i miss it..!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Believe it..!

I believe that everything happens for a reason..
People change so that you can learn to let go,
Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right,
You believe lies so that you'll eventually learn to trust no one but yourself,
And sometimes good things falls apart so that better things can fall together..

Everything in life changes you in some way even the smallest things..
If you don't accept these changes,
You don't accept yourself..
For through these changes brings you new and greater things to you,
Making you wiser as time progresses..
To avoid these changes is a loss..
You live your life only once..
Do not waste a minute of it avoiding things..
Let them come to you,
And learn from them..
There is always tomorrow..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For those celebrating valentine's.. No offense though...

Just for fun. Tapi agak menyedihkan jika anda seorang lelaki yang mengalami nasib yang sama. Apapun jangan terlalu serious dengan ayat-ayat di dalamnya ye.

Valentine hari tu ayang tanya tang mane kite sayang kat ayang.

Time tu kite tak dapat nak jawab. Semalam ayang merajuk ngan kite, kite dah penat nak layan. Ayang call kat kite kite malas nak jawab. Tang mane erk kite sayang kat ayang? Semalaman kite duk pk soalan tu. Pernah ke? Maybe tak sedalam cinta Titanic atau Taj Mahal. Sayang kite kat ayang sangatla kerdil. Sebab tu la ayang selalu merajuk erk? Tak tahula, setahu kite:

1. Sebelum kite kenal kat ayang, setiap sem kite dapat Anugerah Dekan. Bile dah kenal ngan ayang, setiap sem kite repeat paper. Sebelum kenal ngan ayang kite belajar pakai duit biasiswa, lepas kenal ngan ayang, keluar makan lagi nak mintak duit ngan emak kite.

2. Kalau ade 1 buah epal, kite bagi je kat ayang. Kalau ade 2 buah epal, kita bagi yang besar kat ayang.

3. Kalau kite makan ikan, ayang makan tang badan ikan tu, kite pula makan tang kepala ikan tu je.

4. Ayang ni tak la cun sangat, tapi kite tak pernah kutuk ayang tak cun. Tapi kite yang hensem ni ayang lagi nak kutuk ngan member depan kite, kata kite tak hensem langsung. Eera Fazira berlalu depan mata, kite diam je. Takut kalau puji kang ayang marah. Mat Indon duk depan Sogo ayang gi ngorat time kite gi tandas. Siap mintak nombor tepon depan kite lagi.

5. Kalau keluar ngan ayang, ayang slambe nak makan Starbucks, kite tipu kite dah kenyang, padahal bile dah sampai kat umah kite makan mee maggi.

6. Sebelum kenal ngan ayang., kite tak pernah ade girlfriend. Selepas ayang kenal ngan kite, genaplah koleksi ayang ada 20 boyfriend kesemuanya. Kite tak pernah marah ayang plagirl, dah tu ayang kata kite cam sami buddha.

7. Kalau ayang rasa nak cium kite, ayang cium terus tak pernah tanya pun. Tapi bile kite rasa nak cium ayang, lepas tanye lagi nak kene reject.

8. Ayang selalu pukul dada kite, tampar muka kite, cubit peha kite, kite tak pernah tengking sekali pun, apatah lagi nak cubit, nak tampar, nak pukul?

9. Pernah ayang tanya kalau ayang jatuh cinta ngan laki lain, kite nak buat ape. Kite kate kite nak bunuh laki tu. Tapi bile kite tanya kalau kite jatuh cinta kat pompuan lain, ayang nak buat ape, ayang kata nak bunuh kite, emak kite, ayah kite ngan nenek kite.

10. Kite beli mask Clinique ngan ayang harga RM300 kite kate harga RM30.. Ayang beli jam tangan kat kite harga RM30 ayang kate harga RM300.

11. Setiap kali berjumpe kite bagi hadiah kat ayang, tapi setiap tahun birthday kite ayang kate dah lupe.

14. Kite rosakkan headphone walkmen ayang, kite ganti satu discman baru. Ayang rosakkan kerete kite, ayang buat derk je.

15. Sekali ayang demam, kite kene diet 2kg nak jaga ayang. Sekali kite demam, ayang tambah berat 2kg sebab abiskan makanan kite.

16. Kite tak pernah kata ayang pendek, ayang marah kite tinggi sangat, member ayang ketawakan ayang.

17. Ayang datang umah kite, kite tido sofa, kite datang umah ayang, kite gak yang tido kat sofa.

18. Mak kite belikan rantai Tiffany ngan ayang. Mak ayang tak pernah ajak kite makan kat umah ayang walau sekalipun.

19. Kucing umah kite bersalin, kite bagi anak kucing yang paling cute kat ayang, 2 hari je ayang bela, kucing tu dah mati. Ayang tak kate pa pe pun. Ayang bagi ikan emas yang dah dekat mati kat kite, 2 hari kite bela dah mati. Ayang kata nak bunuh semua anak kucing kite.

20. Ayang kalau nak pakai duit kite, terus ambil takyah bagitau. 30 ke 80 ke seratus ke selagi wallet kite ade duit. Aritu kite nak pinjam 10 ringgit sebab terlupe bawa wallet, ayang kate kite kedekut.

21. Birthday ayang kite tak pernah terlupe. Birthday kite arini ayang tak pernah ingat.

Valentine by Kina Grannis

Love, it's a special day
We should celebrate and appreciate
That you and me found something pretty neat
And I know some say this day is arbitrary

But it's a good excuse, put our love to use
Baby, I know what to do
Baby, I...
I will love you
I'll love you, I'll love you

Love, I don't need those things
I don't need no ring
I don't need anything
But you with me
'Cause in your company
I feel happy, oh so happy and complete

And it's a good excuse, put our love to use
Baby, I know what to do
Baby, I...
I will love you
I'll love you, I'll love you

Yeah, it's a good excuse, put our love to use
Baby, I know what to do
Baby, I...
I will love you
I'll love you, I'll love you

So won't you be my honey bee?
Giving me kisses all the time
Be mine, be my Valentine

So won't you be my honey bee?
Giving sweet kisses all the time
Be mine, be my Valentine

Oh, be my Valentine

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Like nym said..there is somethings you can be obsessed about but certain things you can't really be obsessed with..since you've changed a lot I decided to ignore you no matter how bad I want to talk to you..I stop myself to doing it..I did tell you but you didn't get what I are just blinded with all the things you said and do..Think babe..We love you..We missed the old you..Just not the new you..You just really get on our nerves soo bad..whatever shit la weyh..

p/s: tya just can't control her anger anymore!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A.A.R Concert Rawks!!!

Even though he had to work on a saturday..
He still got us free passes to watch the concert...
It was really crowded with their die-heart fans..
U hardly even get a car park..
We got around the concert even at the back stage..
Enjoyed it pretty much...
It drizzled a bit but nothing could stop the concert..
Tyson was a lil bit soft..
They celebrated Halloween as well..
The costume he was wearing is the typical Native American..
The crowds were awesome..
But what I don't get is that if u are wearing tudung why the hell are u even celebrating Halloween for..?
As a Muslim, u aren't even supposed to even put on costumes and celebrated..
Don't u learn religious teaching before..?
The world is turning around..
Not to say that I know everything but no matter how bad I am I don't go celebrating it here and there..
U are soo bringing down the name is Islam..
Darn it!!!