Sunday, October 18, 2009


Love is not a given
You’re not forgiven
But we all easily submit
You have forsaken
What you have taken
So we all still incomplete
I thought we were playing a similar game
And after these years it’s still been the same
And you, of all people, still have your name
What about compromise?I hold no disguise
You should know better

It’s not I don’t want you, I want you
But I need you to be
A little bit faithful and grateful and loyal to my needs
Don’t think I was selfish, I was selfless
And after all I’ve given you
It’s not I don’t love you, I love you
Well, at least I try to

Trust is not an object
You could reject
But we all easily believe
You have been waiting
And all I’ve been saying “Please be there for me”
It’s not like we got a thousand years
I’ve yet to express to you all of my fears
And while you have wasted all of your tears
What about compromise?
Why do I pay the price?
Only you have the answers, answers

I know I’m not perfect but I deserve respect
And after all that’s said and done
You remain the only one in my heart
It’s not my ego
But if you goI’d have so much to say
Did we pick a good fight to prove who’s wrong and who’s right?
Can we finally compromise?
Can we at least talk about it?
Can we at least compromise?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HAppy Birthday JuLiA izzaTi!!!

Happy 18th Birthday Jue..
Hope u r happy with ur birthday present n the surprise jep,pisang,farid n i gave u..
I know it not that perfect and I failed to get apit to come back early but..
It was fun isn't it..?
I'll upload the pics in the next post..
U dah besar kan skarang..
U know what ur goals are..
I don't have to tell u kan..?
And always ingat who u got..
U have nym,nia,iwien,i,jep,gory,ciko,pap and the rest of the people yang i xknl tp u knl..
So, do take care of urself..
I know u can do it..
Good luck in your finals..
Love u..
We are always here for u when u need us aite..

xoxo: Jep&Tya