Friday, November 6, 2009

A.A.R Concert Rawks!!!

Even though he had to work on a saturday..
He still got us free passes to watch the concert...
It was really crowded with their die-heart fans..
U hardly even get a car park..
We got around the concert even at the back stage..
Enjoyed it pretty much...
It drizzled a bit but nothing could stop the concert..
Tyson was a lil bit soft..
They celebrated Halloween as well..
The costume he was wearing is the typical Native American..
The crowds were awesome..
But what I don't get is that if u are wearing tudung why the hell are u even celebrating Halloween for..?
As a Muslim, u aren't even supposed to even put on costumes and celebrated..
Don't u learn religious teaching before..?
The world is turning around..
Not to say that I know everything but no matter how bad I am I don't go celebrating it here and there..
U are soo bringing down the name is Islam..
Darn it!!!